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Silver Essence Jewellery

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Personalised memorial jewellery with attention to detail.

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Make your words come to life with a meaningful message, chosen by you and hand-engraved by us.

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“Always together. Never apart. Maybe in distance – but never in heart.”

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At Silver Essence we create unique jewellery pieces, carefully cut and engraved to commemorate your loved one and to capture your special memories. It's a beautiful way to take your loved one with you wherever you go, keeping them close to your heart at all times.

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We believe there is no greater joy than giving or receiving the gift of personalised jewellery of a beloved pet or a loved one. 

Whether your Silver Essence Jewellery is in memory of your furry friend, or a keepsake for your loving other half. Make your words come to life with a meaningful message, chosen by you and hand-engraved by us.

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When we receive your order, our creative team begins with optimising and preparing your photo for the engraving process by enhancing features of your loved one to ensure that we can perfectly capture all the fine details.

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During this process, your personalised piece is delicately cut, engraved and polished to shine – giving your memories the beautiful details they deserve.

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Your eternal Silver Essence piece is now ready to be gifted, worn and enjoyed forever.

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With a family and community that is growing daily, see what they have to say about their Silver Essence Jewellery.

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Best Sellers

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Our Values

As our company continues to grow daily, one thing that hasn’t and won’t change is our values. Making meaningful jewellery is at the core of what we do. Celebrating and sharing special memories with fellow pet owners has always been our purpose to exist since the day Silver Essence was born, and will never stop being our number one priority. 

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Customer Care
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A Gift For You!

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© 2021 Silver Essence

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